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Leadership Team

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Benjamin Fryer, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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Jason Carstens, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

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Brian Hawkins, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

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Kaye Reiter, PhD, JD

General Counsel

Our Story

Pluristyx was established in 2018 as an advanced therapy tools company to help companies and researchers solve manufacturing challenges in the field of drug development, regenerative medicine, and cell and gene therapy. Pluristyx provides seamless client support by offering CMC consulting, contract development services, and research- and clinical-grade Ready-to-Use (RTU™) and Ready-To-Differentiate (RTD™) Pluripotent Stem Cells at a commercial scale. In doing so, Pluristyx effectively decouples the hassles of expansion and banking from differentiation and product development, allowing early-stage companies to focus precious resources on therapeutic application rather than manufacturing hurdles, with the ultimate goal of advancing promising laboratory discoveries into patients.  

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Our Technology

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