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Pluristyx Featured in Labroots Webinar

Dr. Ben Fryer, Co-Founder and CEO of Pluristyx, presented to webinar participants the “how and why” of integrating high quality ancillary raw materials into cell therapy product development and the manufacturing workflow, beginning with the starting cell source and MCB


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Advancing Cell & Gene – Cryopreservation and Logistics of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: A Cold Subject Suddenly Become a Hot Topic


Dr Brian Hawkins, Pluristyx’s Chief Technology Officer - speaking to challenges associated with cryopreservation & potential solutions to tackle them during ATMP development, from pre-clinical through commercialization.


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ISCT Showcase –Cryopreservation Contact Services Development


Dr. Brian Hawkins, Chief Technology Officer at Pluristyx, introduces the company’s cryopreservation contract services.



RegMedNet Interview

Brian Hawkins, Chief Technology Officer at Pluristyx, Inc. talks to RegMedNet about how protocols surrounding ATMP cryopreservation have changed over recent years. Dr. Hawkins focuses on the challenges of cryopreservation and discusses how programs readily adapt to the scale-up, tech transfer & late-stage clinical trials that occur during commercialization. 

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The Next Big Thing in Pharma

Ben Fryer, CEO, Pluristyx talks to Pharma’s Almanac about pluripotent stem cells and how the company speeds up the R&D process by delivering Ready to Differentiate® cells.
Watch the video to hear more from Ben, including his take on the next big thing in pharma. 

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