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Ready-to-Differentiate® & Ready-to-Use™ Cells


Pluristyx has expertise in the large scale manufacture and cryopreservation of pluripotent stem cells (PSC). Using this expertise we have generated well-characterized master and working cell banks of our various PSC lines.  These banks are in turn used to manufacture high cell density PSC vials that are Ready-to-Differentiate® (RTD) for use in any application.  Pluristyx is also able to develop and scale-up PSC differentiation protocols to generate Ready-to-Use (RTU) high-density banks of the differentiated cell products.

The RTD™ and RTU™ vials are prepared using controlled and reproducible manufacturing processes.  Quality Control testing is performed to confirm performance of the cells recovered from the RTD™/RTU™ vials and that they meet acceptance criteria.

RTD™/RTU™ vials can save years of time by not requiring researchers to establish their own master and working cell banks and incur the expense of preparation, safety testing, and characterization.  Furthermore, cells from high density RTD™/RTU™ vials can be used immediately out of thaw rather than requiring weeks of planning and scheduling in expanding from a starting cell source. 

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RTD High-density can be thawed and immediately used.  This save years of time compared to preparing cell banks and expanding for every use



RTD™ Vials: Ready-to-Differentiate®  RTD™ Pluripotent Stem Cells are available with 1, 25, or 100 million cells per vial and that are are suitable for thaw and immediate use in a laboratory procedure and/or initiating a cell differentiation protocol. 


RTU™ Vials: Ready-to-Use  RTU™ Cells have already been differentiated into the desired cell type starting from the parental pluripotent stem cell.  Vials are prepared at a range of cell numbers per vial depending upon the particular cell type.

Custom iPSC Generation:  Please enquire if you are interested in having a custom iPSC line and cell banks prepared to your own custom specifications either for research use or for GMP applications.

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